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Wagon cars are the target of collectors

Jakarta – Have you ever heard of a four-wheeled vehicle called a station wagon? If so, it feels like you are one of the automotive lovers. But for those of you who have never heard, you must know this. Station wagon cars as one of the most targeted car errors in Indonesia because they are based on sedans whose dimensions are extended.

This type of car is produced so that it can fit a large enough luggage space. This aims to facilitate passenger access to reach for goods. In Europe, the United States, Asia, to Australia this type of car can be said to have the same caste as sedans in general. However, in Indonesia, four-wheeled vehicles of the type of station wagon have a caste far above sedans.

BMW wagon

Automotive lovers in Indonesia assess if this station wagon has its own charm. This is due to the small number of four-wheeled wagon vehicles in Indonesia. Why are there so few? Station wagon cars are actually intended for long trips or touring.

While in Indonesia to travel far can be done using any car. This type of car itself actually has the name “touring” if abroad, because indeed this car has intended for touring. Features of Station Wagon Cars

This estate car or wagon actually has some characteristics that are really distinctive. For the general public, this car looks the same as using other cars. But for wagon lovers, this is a very special car! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

The number can be calculated, even in Jakarta itself which is a relatively rare grand city to find this wagon wandering. This type of wagon car has several identifiable characteristics.

Mercy tiger station wagon, one of the rare cars in Indonesia

Starting from the longer dimensions, the net that still exists between row two and the trunk, to the exotic D pillar design. This pillar of part D is evaluated very exotically for some people. Wagons have a longer rear overhang as a result of which the luggage space is longer & spacious. This car also has a relatively large side ventilation between pillar C and pillar D. While the hatchback car does not have side ventilation or only a small window as an ornament. Brands That Manufacture Station Wagon Cars

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Every automotive manufacturer has actually released a wagon. It’s just that this type of four-wheeled vehicle sometimes has its own market. Decades back, Indonesia was evaluated as not a suitable market for wagons. Even if anyone sold it in the future, it must have been a general importer dealer who brought it in privately. Such as Honda, Toyota, Datsun, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Opel & several other brands.

Honda Accord wagon, photo: Qubicle

Station wagon cars themselves have a very large market in the United States in the past era. The very long distance between cities makes the people of the United States need a fairly comfortable four-wheeled vehicle. This wagon is evaluated as one of the relatively comfortable cars to travel long distances. So based on that, the market for four-wheeled station wagon vehicles was very large in the era of the 1950s-1980s in the United States.

In Indonesia, wagons have a fantastic price tag. Even for some four-wheeled vehicles the price can exceed the price of a new car that exists now. So fantastic, automotive lovers are also competing to get this one-wheeled vehicle.

There are several factors that make the price of wagons in Indonesia relatively driest. One of them is the number. As mentioned above, the number of wagon mounts in Indonesia is relatively small.

Honda Civic Shuttle, a rare wagon in Indonesia

Even official automotive makers only slightly include this type of four-wheeled vehicle. Again, the people of Indonesia do not like this car. Only a small percentage of people really like wagons. For its own price, the wagon has a price that is “dark” (not necessarily). The predicted price of this time is Rp 150 million to billions of rupiah depending on the example & brand. This price is considered as a normal price for some people. Some Used Wagon Options

Then, what long-wheeled vehicles are approximately in Indonesia? Actually, there are relatively many wagons scattered in Indonesia. Some brands of four-wheeled vehicles that are relatively targeted are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Audi and Volvo. Then, what is the cheapest wagon price available in Indonesia? The price cannot be a benchmark for wagons.

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Because this is a car that is believed to be a hobby car, it is certain that the price is magical. As an image, the error of one wagon that is monitored quite affordably there is Timor station wagon, Volvo, & several variants of Toyota. Toyota Corona estate or station wagon is observed to have a price tag in the range of Rp 150 million. Some lovers of four-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia were also found to have a Honda wagon car. One that is quite rare is the Honda Accord Maestro.

Mercedes-Benz S202, a relatively large wagon in Indonesia

There are also those who have other magical items, namely honda accord euro R. There are still honda Civic Shuttle which is no less rare than the number in Indonesia. Another case with Volvo which also has several models of four-wheeled wagon vehicles. This car from Sweden was once a fairly reviewed four-wheeled vehicle during the 1980s-1990s era. This car was also used as a four-wheeled vehicle for the world delegation at the Summit held in Indonesia.

For the Volvo brand, in Indonesia it is observed that there are several types of wagon cars. Starting based on 145 wagons, 240 wagons, 740 wagons, 940 wagons, 960 wagons & several other models. Based on Carmudi’s monitoring, this station wagon car from the Volvo brand has a price tag ranging from Rp 110 million to Rp 200 million depending on the type & condition of the four-wheeled vehicle. Volvo wagon is believed to have a relatively affordable price when compared to using other European brands.

How to use BMW & Mercedes-Benz? These two brands became the most eye-catching brands of the collector. Wagons based on BMW & Mercedes-Benz are considered the holy grail for some. Beautiful shape, full features, aduhai body resulted in this car becoming an item worthy of “worship”. However, to get this four-wheeled vehicle there is a business that must be spent. The reason is, the owners of wagons for these two brands are relatively few who want to sell.

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Volvo wagon 8 series

Even if something is sold, of course the unit will be exclusively sold to collectors who are hungry for four-wheeled vehicles or wagons. Let’s just take a BMW model. One of the BMW wagons that is quite targeted is the BMW E30. The BMW E30 wagon was once a magical item in the Bimmerjunction event a short time later. This station wagon car was once a talk because it has a price tag above Rp 1 billion. Some other BMW wagons such as the three series, five series, and 7 series wagons have a dark price.

This case is almost the same using Mercedes-Benz. This mercy wagon car also has a fairly expensive price tag. For example, type C Class wagon, has a price tag above Rp 250 million. For wagon type E Class alert 1990s or often called boxer, has a price tag that is no less fantastic. This estate car or E series station wagon has a price tag above Rp 300 million. There are also Audi wagons that are generally sold in the range of more than Rp 200 million.

Volvo 145 wagon, the species is quite a bit in IndonesiaAda Cheap Station Wagon Cars

All wagons in Indonesia do not only have a fantastic banderol. Call it the Mazda Vantrend which is also a station wagon. This car has a very cheap price when compared to a row of other four-wheeled vehicles. Want a much more strange four-wheeled vehicle, Chevrolet Bel Air wagon or Nomad is also one of the four-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia. This car has a price that is completely unknown freely. Aka happy to sell.

In addition to Chevrolet, some wagon brands that have a price that has a free price are known freely quite a lot. There are Holden, Volkswagen, Renault, Honda, Ford old years alert, to several other European brands such as Fiat. Ah, already for some people station wagon cars are just a dream that the price always rises every year. If I really like the unique station wagon car, how to use you?

Mercy W124 wagon or considered TE

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